JOIN Native Sun

“It’s about the next 7 generations.”

~ Bob Blake, Executive Director

Native Sun is a Native-led nonprofit organization that promotes energy efficiency, renewable energy and equitable energy transition through education, workforce training and demonstration.

The future belongs to those who will fully embrace efficient and renewable energy.

Native Sun works to ensure that the Native people of the Upper Midwest will share ownership of the future by providing access to electric vehicles (EVs), the infrastructure EVs require to function reliably in rural areas, and the education members of Native communities need to benefit from clean, affordable transportation.

Pathways to a Green Future for Native People

Native Sun provides commercial, passenger and transit EVs to over 20 Native Nations throughout Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. In addition to testing EVs’ efficacy and demonstrating their potential in rural areas, we are removing Tribal members’ barriers to transportation by creating the charging stations EVs require. In this fashion we provide equitable access to the economic and environmental benefits uniquely offered by EVs.

Technology alone is not enough to secure a greener tomorrow for Native people. That is why Native Sun also educates Tribal members about climate change, the environment, and the self-determination and job opportunities provided by EVs. By developing civic skills, forging a strong sense of leadership, and training a Native renewable energy workforce, we are creating the culture our communities will need to remain at the forefront of EV technology.

Solar Cub

Our Solar Cub program teaches the intersections of environmentalism and Native culture to young Tribal members so they may progress toward creating just energy transition and sovereignty.

Just Solar Workforce

Our Just Solar Workforce program helps Native people develop the skills to build a clean energy future and enter into careers within the clean energy industry.

“Native Sun wants to help native people engage in civic and democratic life in ways that advance a just energy transition.”

Robert Blake, Executive Director of Native Sun Community Power Development