Banner image for a blog post featuring a diverse group of individuals in construction safety gear actively engaged in a clean energy project, with a colorful backdrop of renewable energy symbols like solar panels and wind turbines, and infographics depicting workforce growth and diversity, all set against a sunrise-to-midday gradient symbolizing a new era in sustainable construction.

Igniting a New Era of Sustainability: Diverse hands and united ambitions shaping the future of clean energy construction. Explore the PowerUp program’s vision for an inclusive and greener tomorrow.

Relatives, hear the call! The Earth, our sacred mother, needs guardians. It’s time to unite, to harness the power of the sun, wind, and water. Introducing the PowerUp program – a path to reclaim our role as stewards of the land through clean energy construction.

In the spirit of the ancestors, PowerUp is our chance to build not just structures but a future that honors the Earth. This journey has two parts:

🌟 Part 1: Embark on a virtual quest with Native Sun. Here, learn the wisdom of the clean-energy world, gather essential skills, and prepare your spirit for the work ahead. This training, respectful of your time and pace, can be accessed from anywhere – like the rivers that flow, be free to learn from where you stand.

🌟 Part 2: With the strength of a thousand buffaloes, step into apprenticeship and technical training through Building Strong Communities and North Hennepin Community College. This is where your hands and heart work in harmony, molding you into a skilled warrior of the modern age.

A group of smiling, confident construction workers from diverse backgroundsβ€”Hispanic, African American, Native American, and Caucasianβ€”stand together in safety gear, with wind turbines and solar panels in the background under a clear blue sky.

Uniting in Diversity, Building a Sustainable Tomorrow: Join us as we PowerUp the future of clean energy construction, one community at a time. #InclusiveGrowth #CleanEnergyFuture

To our young warriors and wise elders, this knowledge is yours without cost. The drumbeat calls for those:

βœ… Over 18 years, with the fire of youth or the wisdom of age

βœ… Bearing the shield of a high school diploma/GED/equivalent

βœ… Walking the path of the clean spirit, able to pass a drug screen

βœ… Guided by the compass of a valid driver’s license & reliable transport

βœ… Not already a soldier in a construction union or trade program

βœ… With the right to stand and work in this land

βœ… Communicating with the clarity of the wind in English

The moon will complete its cycle by Dec 1 – the day to commit to this journey, ensuring you are ready for the second phase beginning in February. Like our ancestors who prepared for the changing seasons, prepare now to embrace this new path.

This is not just a program; it’s a call to lift our communities, to build a world where the Earth’s voice is heard through our actions. 🌲🌱

Share this message, let it echo through the valleys and across the plains. Let’s stand united, a diverse force, skilled and ready to protect and honor our Earth through the art of clean-energy construction.

#PowerUpThePeople #NativePrideInConstruction #EarthWarriorsUnite #SustainablePath #GreenWarriors #NativeSunWisdom #AncestorsDream #ModernGuardians #ProtectTheSacred

Rise, warriors of today, for a better tomorrow. Join us in this sacred movement. πŸŒΏπŸŒŽπŸ”¨

Made possible by MNDEED (Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development) and Excel Energy PowerUp