During the summertime, traditional gasoline cars might lose about 25% of their driving distance due to the heat. The main culprit behind this decrease is using the air conditioner to keep cool. Imagine driving your car on a hot day with the air conditioning on. That cooling system consumes much of the car’s energy, making it go a shorter distance.


Now, let’s talk about electric vehicles. You might think they would have an even harder time in the summer heat because using the air conditioner would drain their batteries even more. But guess what? A study by AAA in 2022 showed that electric cars handle extreme heat better than gasoline cars when it comes to driving distance with the air conditioner running. Electric vehicles can go farther on a single charge, even when scorching outside.

Tesla Model S

If we look at the numbers, an electric car in hot weather might lose only 4% of its range without the air conditioner. If you turn on the air conditioner because it’s too hot, you might lose an additional 13% of capacity, making the total loss 17%. In perspective, it’s like having 8 fewer miles to drive for every 100 miles you travel in your electric car.

The shift from regular gasoline cars to electric cars is happening right now. It took a long time for this change to occur, moving from gas to electric, and the reasons people had against electric cars are getting weaker and weaker.

One big reason electric cars perform better than gasoline cars in sweltering weather, even when using the air conditioner, is how they cool the cabin. Gasoline cars use a system that’s powered by gas. Still, electric vehicles have a more innovative design powered by electricity. This electric cooling system is about 8% more efficient in how much it affects the driving range than the gas-powered system.

If you’re living in Minnesota, you know we primarily choose to drive in warm weather. Right now, the only reason you might hesitate to buy an electric car is because there are few fast charging stations around. But guess what? Native Sun Community Power Development is working on changing that. By 2024, we’ll have new rapid chargers in rural Minnesota. So, charging your electric car will be a breeze.