Hello Everyone!

Let’s chat about a group of folks, the American Indian communities, and a team named Native Sun Community Power Development (CPD), working hard to bring good things their way. You might already know that these communities have had a tough time finding good jobs for many years. But Native Sun, a nonprofit group that believes in the power of wind, sun, and water to create energy, is stepping in with a plan to make things better!

Looking Back to Move Forward

Long ago, and even not-so-long ago, American Indian communities faced some significant challenges. Imagine being unable to find a job just because of where you live or who you are! That’s been a real struggle for them, especially since the 1980s. Native Sun is peeping through these cloudy times with a promise of bright days ahead by creating jobs in the field of renewable energy (energy from the sun, wind, and water!).

Here Comes the “Native Sun”

Native Sun is like a friendly neighbor who’s realized that with some help, American Indian communities can have better jobs while taking care of our planet. They’ve devised a plan to make this happen and are super excited to share it with everyone!

Let’s Dive Into the Plan!

  • Learning New Things: Native Sun CPD will help folks learn all the cool and important stuff about working in renewable energy.
  • They want to make sure kids, teens, and adults get to learn in ways that are fun and make sense to them.
  1. Making New Friends:
  • The team is shaking hands with big companies that know a great deal about windmills, solar panels, and more.
  • They want these companies to bring their work to the communities and help people there get good jobs.
  1. Honoring Traditions:
  • They understand how essential traditions and Mother Earth are to American Indian communities.
  • The elders and leaders from the community will help guide the projects to ensure they’re done right.
  1. Building Cool Stuff:
  • Native Sun CPD wants to help develop things like solar panels in the communities.
  • This means people can work close to home and help make energy good for the Earth!
  1. Helping Start New Businesses:
  • They’ll provide tools, money, and advice to people who want to start their own businesses in clean energy.
  • They’ll guide and cheer them on, ensuring they succeed and do great!
  1. Speaking Up and Offering a Helping Hand:
  • Native Sun CPD will talk to leaders and lawmakers, ensuring they create fair and helpful rules.
  • If there are any tricky legal things to figure out, they’ll help!
  1. Listening and Working Together:
  • Community members get to be big decision-makers in all of this, making sure everything goes smoothly and everyone is happy.
  • Native Sun CPD believes that working together and listening to each other is the key to success.

And There’s the Happy Ending!

Native Sun CPD is really hopeful that by working together, respecting each other, and sharing what they know, they can help bring good jobs to American Indian communities in a way that’s kind and respectful to our planet. It’s like growing a beautiful garden together where everyone has a place, everyone is important, and every single person can enjoy the sunshine of good times ahead!

Thank you for reading, and here’s to clear skies, clean energy, and working together with Native Sun Community Power Development!