Imagine the scene: a vibrant group from the Native Sun team enthusiastically converging on the Minnesota Farmers Union in the heart of St. Paul on a beautiful Thursday morning. What brought them together? None other than the groundbreaking news about the USDA’s fresh carbon reduction initiatives, empowered by the game-changing Inflation Reduction Act.

In the spotlight were remarkable individuals, including the dynamic trio from Native Sun Community Power Development: the visionary Bob Blake, the ingenious Lisa Daniels, and the resourceful Joe Parkhurst. Their presence illuminated the event as they eagerly absorbed the incredible prospects unfolding for Tribal Governments in the picturesque state of Minnesota.

The gracious presence of Colleen Landkamer, the dedicated State Director of Minnesota for the USDA Rural Development programs, made the gathering even more prestigious. Joining her were two distinguished figures who journeyed from D.C. to grace the occasion: Clare Sierawski, the brilliant Senior Energy Counselor at USDA, and Aliza Drewes, the ever-knowledgeable Senior Energy Advisor at USDA.

Following the enlightening presentation, Bob engaged in a captivating conversation with Clare. Their topic of discussion? The enchanting realm of agrivoltaic farming and the exciting ongoing projects that Bob is steering with passion. Meanwhile, across the room, Lisa and Colleen were engrossed in an animated chat, dissecting the intricate details of the grants and eagerly marking their calendars for the upcoming deadlines.


Bob Blake, Executive Director, Native Sun and Clare Sierawski, Senior Energy Counselor, USDA

Behind the scenes, the Native Sun team is in full swing, dedicating their tireless efforts to uncover the optimal solutions these newfound funds offer. Their mission? To create a positive, lasting impact on the lives of the remarkable rural Americans residing on or near cherished Indian Reservations.

Indeed, August 24, 2023, marked a day of inspiration, collaboration, and the unwavering pursuit of progress. The future looks brighter than ever for the Native Sun family and the communities they serve.