Our Programs

Native Sun is creating the change we wish to see in the world through education. Our programs teach Native people that they have the power to lead, to enter lucrative careers in clean energy, and to embrace their culture as they build a better tomorrow. In this fashion we seek to benefit not only Native people, but all people.

Native Civic Engagement and Power-Building Profile Program

Native Sun’s Native Civic Engagement and Power-Building Profile program is designed to support Native people who wish to lead the way toward a just, clean energy future. The goal of this program is to increase the number of Native people running for and elected to public office, raise voting rates of Native people until they become equal or greater to those of other cultural groups, and promote the just energy transition and energy sovereignty which we see as pivotal for Native civic and democratic engagement.

Just Solar Workforce

Native Sun’s Just Solar Workforce program teaches Native people the skills they need to create a clean energy future and enter into careers within the renewable energy sector. Our workforce centers on Tribal lands provide hands-on training to Tribal members, and we provide remote instruction so Tribal members living elsewhere can achieve rewarding, family-sustaining jobs as well.

Solar Cub

Native Sun’s Solar Cub program teaches the intersections of environmentalism, climatology, energy and Native culture to young Tribal members so they may progress toward just energy transition and sovereignty. The Solar Cub program preserves Ojibwe language and tradition while simultaneously training young Tribal members to become future leaders in the renewable energy sector.