Saturday, August 26th, 2023, Native Suns ElectricNation and the American Lung Association attended the Redlake Nations Urban Picnic at Lake Phalen in St. Paul.
While there, the White Bear Auto dealership brought a Mitsubishi Outlander EV, a Nissan LEAF EV, and HourCar brought a Chevy Volt for public display.

8/26/23 Bob Blake, Executive Director of Native Sun Community Power Development, visits with Redlake Urban Picnic Attendees at Lake Phalen in St. Paul

The Redlake urban community members are already on board and supportive of using renewable energy for transportation. Red Lake Tribal Members are already purchasing electric vehicles. In conversation, we learned of a band member who owns a Polestar and another who is deciding between a Tesla or a Volkswagon.
The future looks bright and clear for electric vehicles in Minnesota!